Frequently Asked Questions

Jewelry FAQs

Do you do custom work?

Occasionally. It really depends on my current workload and the scope of the project. If it is a design that I already make and you want to pick your own stone then yes, that is possible. Send me a message to find out if I am taking custom orders at this time. 

Where can I shop for your jewelry in person?

I have a few different ways that I sell my work. I do a few "art festival" shows during the summer months and then a few holiday shows during the winter. I sell online through my website and Instagram. You can also find my work in a few stores on the west coast including Twiggs in Hood River, Oregon, Mr Moons in Healdsburg California, and Wild Coast Goods in Nehalem, Oregon.

How do you make all of the marks and textures on your jewelry?

All of the textures you see in my jewelry are hand hammered, or hand stamped. I occasionally use a rolling mill, but I don’t do any etching. It’s just me and my trusty hammers! I much prefer the orderly but organic feeling that comes from hand hammering.

My jewelry is getting darker. What is happening?

This is the completely normal process of oxidation. It happens to both silver and brass, though it might happen to brass a bit faster. I would encourage you to embrace the antiqued patina of your brass jewelry. However, you can use a light abrasive household cleaner such as Bon Ami or baking soda with a toothbrush to restore shiny finish. A more aggressive approach would be to use superfine steel wool (the measurement is 0000). Use gentle circular motions to remove top layer of oxidation. Never use abrasives on stones. You can follow all of this up with a polishing cloth.

Do you offer jewelry repair?

Sorry, but I do not offer jewelry repair for jewelry that I did not make.

I own a storefront and would like to carry your jewelry. Do you do wholesale?

Yes, please send me an email and I can send you my offerings.

Workshop FAQs

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations and rescheduling must be done at least seven days ahead of your workshop date. Last minute cancellations and “no-shows” will not be refunded or rescheduled. If you are sick please stay home and send someone else to take your spot.

How do I find out about upcoming workshop dates?

Sign up for my newsletter to receive workshop announcements. I release new workshop dates on a quarterly basis, (three months at a time), and I usually take two months off during the summer.

Were do the workshops take place?

Workshops take place in my personal studio located in SE Portland, Oregon. My studio is inside a bigger shared workspace with 4 other maker spaces.

Can we make our own wedding rings in one of your classes?

Yes, you can make some hammered silver bands during a regular “Stacking Rings” workshop for your special day. If you want to use gold that is a different situation where we would do a private lesson lasting about three hours. We would also need to plan ahead, do a deposit, and place an order. Please send me an email to get the conversation started. 

I would love to take a workshop or a private lesson but I have no experience. Is that okay?

Yes. All of the workshops are made for beginners.

I feel nervous, are you sure I can do it?

Yes I am sure :-) And if you are struggling I am happy to help out. The small class size (four students) allows for plenty of one-on-one time for me to help each person out with their projects. It is very laid-back and casual. You will definitely leave with a finished product and I will help you to make sure it is fully functional and good quality.

Which class should I start with?

That is truly just a personal preference based on which project you would like to learn, or which piece of jewelry you would like to leave with. Plenty of people just go straight to the Intro to Stone Setting workshop, but it is certainly the most involved and challenging. (But you can do it!)

Do all of the classes involve using the torch?

No, the "Statement Earrings and Hammering Skills" and the "Riveted Construction" workshops do not use the torch. These would be great options if you want to see what is possible for working at home with a minimal setup.

Do you offer private lessons?

Unfortunately I no longer offer private lessons. When I moved out to the coast I had to stop because scheduling got too complicated.

Do you offer a discount for BIPOC folks?

Yes! Just call or email me to get the discount code. :-)

Do you have an age restriction?

Yes. All students must be 18+ to attend alone, or 16+ if they are attending with an adultAnswer richtext

How can I "gift" a workshop to someone else?

If you would like to purchase a workshop as a gift for someone else you can choose the workshop and the date that you think they would like. Purchase as usual with your info. The email address that you enter at checkout is where the confirmation and reminder emails will go. (If it's not a secret then just put their name and email in with your payment info.) After your purchase you can email me to let me know that someone else will be attending the workshop. You can also send me their email address if you want the reminder to go to them instead of you. If you need to change the workshop date you can use the link in the confirmation email, but please do it ASAP. That’s it!... Alternatively, you could purchase a digital gift certificate, but the recipient will have to wait until the class they want is available.

General FAQs

What was the inspiration for the name "Midnight Pacific Studio"?

I named my business after my love of surfing. Specifically, I wanted to evoke the mysterious and alluring quality of the Pacific Ocean at night. I wanted to forever remember the long summer days spent at my favorite beaches, the picnics, and the carefree nature of waking up with nothing to do but get out in the water for another adventure.

How long have you been making jewelry?

I took my first jewelry class in early 2014 and was instantly hooked! Before that I was working with ceramics and woodworking. 

What is your favorite thing to make?

I love making rings and earrings! Probably because that is what I like to wear the most. I love big earrings and statement rings that are comfortable and durable enough to withstand some abuse.  I personally don't gravitate towards wearing a lot of necklaces and that seems to show in my collection, since there are way more earrings than necklaces. 


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