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Pink Opal Shadowbox Stud Earrings

Pink Opal Shadowbox Stud Earrings

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These pink opal stud earrings have a shadow box detail on the top. The ball is formed from heating silver until it fully melts and balls up. Three hoops are attached to the back with a loop and swing independently. Hammered details leave a soft organic feel.

Sterling silver with patina and a satin finish.
Approximately 2.25 inches long, and 1.75 inches wide.

This collection is all about trying something new and fresh. I wanted to work in a new way and to create a collection that was more open and organic than some of my previous work. I wanted the items in this collection to have a big impact but also have lightness and movement. Once I got going I was really able to find my flow with these pieces. I worked in a very intuitive way with no plans, just the stones that I wanted to use and an idea about using “chain links”. A few unexpected design elements emerged as I played with different components. Some of the designs came to me quickly and a few of them were a mystery until the very end. I was able to push myself but still stay true to my aesthetic of powerful and strong designs. I am really proud of this mini collection and I hope you enjoy these treasures as much as I do.

Each piece of jewelry from Midnight Pacific Studio is handmade by me in my home studio on the Oregon Coast. Thanks for following along :-)

One-of-a-kind. You will get the exact item pictured.

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